Manual Machining

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Surface Grinding
  • Slotting

Since the establishment of Hillier Engineering Services in 1988, manual machining in both milling and turning is a service we have always and will continue to offer. Our highly skilled personnel are proficient in manual machining to a high degree of quality and accuracy. This includes machining of bar stock, castings, forgings and fabrications in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and plastics. For small quantity batch sizes, the benefits associated with manual machining are far more cost- effective than CNC machining.

There is certainly and art to manual machining and we are proud to have such highly trained people who can carry out this type of work with accuracy, quality & productivity. All our manual machines are equipped with digital readouts and high precision measuring equipment that enables HES to produce a very high standard of workmanship. Surface grinding is another machining service we offer.

Surface grinding is another machining service we offer with a capacity 630mm x 250mm X 250mm.

Milling: 2000mm X 750mm x 750mm with a maximum weight of 1500kg
Turning: 845mm Diameter X 3000mm – 1500kg
Surface Grinding: 630mm x 250mm X 250mm
Slotting: X Travel 350 mm,Y Travel 350 mm, Stroke 203 mm, 700 Diameter

ISO Certification
Hillier Engineering Services Manual Machining